Quit Smoking: How Wellivery Can Help

Apr 5, 2021 | getting healthy

* Cigarette smoking is the most powerful risk you can control.
* Quitting isn’t easy and usually takes several tries.
* The benefit for preventing heart attacks and cancer is huge.
* Wellivery will help you get there by prescribing medication that will help control your craving to smoke and withdrawal symptoms.



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Follow-up Care:  Wellivery Makes It Easy!

Follow-up Care: Wellivery Makes It Easy!

Follow-up Care * Follow-up Care is Essential to good chronic disease control. * Follow-up allows determination of disease control and progression . * Other chronic diseases are detected early. * Medication refills are provided * Your Lifestle Action Plan...

Children and Chronic Disease

Children and Chronic Disease

*  Chronic disease occurs in children. * For example, Asthma afflicts about 10% of children annually. * Type II diabetes is becoming more common. * Obesity in children sets the stage for early heart disease and diabetes. Children have chronic disease - sad...

Symptom Surveys

All diseases cause changes in you how you feel. These sensations are called symptoms.  Each chronic disease has its own symptoms with some overlap between diseases.  Scientific research has shown that symptom surveys in chronic disease are useful in classifying...

Cancer: Let’s Talk Prevention!

Cancer: Let’s Talk Prevention!

* Prevention of cancer by avoiding known causes is our first priority.* Cigarette Smoking is the most important known cause of cancer!* Catching cancer at its earliest stage gives the greatest chance of survival.* That means you need to get your...

How To Control Your Heart Disease!

*  Heart Disease includes: Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Valve disease, and Heart Failure. *  If you have one of these diagnosed conditions, focusing on control of it is the most important priority. *  If you don't have one of these conditions, we need to...

Chronic Disease and COVID19: Precautions First!

Which chronic diseases do badly with COVID19? Preliminary research shows that patients with cancer, heart disease (including high blood pressure), obesity, and chronic lung disease have more severe cases of COVID19. Why does chronic disease make you more...

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