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Online Long COVID Care


If you believe or know that you had COVID-19 and are suffering from mental or physical problems that are new, schedule this appointment for long haul COVID-19.


This 30 minute virtual encounter allows me to assess your medical history, symptoms and launch a plan for recovery and follow-up.

    • I like to do the first visit using a video format such as FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.
    • Subsequent online doctor visits with Established Patients can usually be completed by phone or video.
    • I will call your phone at the day and time of your appointment.
    • A picture ID.
    • Please have your preferred pharmacy in mind so I can electronically transmit and prescription medication that you may need.
    • My goal for you is to arrive at a preliminary working diagnosis
      • To do so, I may need medical records from doctors you have seen previously.
      • If I need these, I’ll send you a Release of Information form to complete and send to those doctors.
      • They will fax me your records and I’ll add them to your electronic chart.
    • Most of the time, I can determine your working diagnosis by hearing about your original illness, how you were treated, and what you are experiencing since that time.
    • Based on this diagnosis, I’ll develop a Recovery Plan that is personalized for you.
      • This Recovery Plan will address your current symptoms, a schedule of specialist consultations if needed, prescription medications, and ongoing reassessment.
    • I will electronically transmit the prescriptions in that plan to your preferred pharmacy
    • I will email you educational materials and links to new information about long COVID.
    • We will arrive at a follow-up day for your next appointment, usually in 3 months.
    • Our visits will answer the following questions:
      • Are your symptoms in good control?
        • If not, we will determine why and adjust your Recovery Plan
      • If you are in good control, can we change the type, amount, or strength of any of your medicine or other interventions?
        • The goal here:
          • Save you money
          • Protect you from side affects of too much medicine
          • Make sure you are getting the best advantage of the most modern medicine
      • Does your Recovery Plan need adjusted for other reasons?
      • What is the ‘right’ time for your next appointment?
  • Medication Cost:
    • If you are having difficulty paying for your medication, please let me know as many of the pharmaceutical companies offer special pricing and in some cases free medication.

Ok!  See you soon and stay safe!