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UTI Meds Now!

From: $50.00

In about 5 minutes, we will talk about your symptoms, previous UTI’s and your past medical history.

If you have had a UTI previously, have the same symptoms now and you:

1. are not pregnant; 2. do not have high blood pressure; 3. do not have diabetes; 4. do not have kidney disease; 5. are not vomiting or having fever, and 6. do not have vaginal discharge,

the diagnosis of a simple urinary tract infection (UTI) is appropriate.



I offer this online service especially for the nurses I have worked alongside across the country.

But it is true of all women.  You are always in the service of others.  Your patients (if you are a nurse), your kids, your spouse...

Taking care of your UTI symptoms early?  Well, I know you put that down on the list.

You can definitely make the diagnosis based on your symptoms (without a urine test)!

But getting to the clinic for that prescription?  Wow, an almost unsurmountable hassle.

Skip the clinic!  Jump right to EARLY treatment for a change!

With e-prescribing, I send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy.

For nurses, that may be the hospital or clinic pharmacy in your building!

With Wellivery, you can get your UTI treatment started without delay

and you will get a follow-up message in 3 days to make sure you are improving!

Don't forget to ask about other medications you need to have refilled!

I have expanded my hours for this service only, with open slots running from 0200 CST to 2345 CST.  This will allow my California patients to get slots from 1200 Midnight to 2145 while my east coast patients will be able to access appointment slots from 0300 to 0045 EST.