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Telemedicine Care

New Patient Process

Its All On Your Phone!

When you book an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation.  On the day and time of your appointment, I will call YOU!

  • I will collect basic address and contact information from you.
  • We will talk about your disease history, past medications, allergies, other medical problems and your current symptoms
  • From this information, I will devise a treatment plan and medication choices that have been proven to work.
  • In addition, I’ll formulate an Lifestyle Action Plan


Lifestyle Action Plan

  • This action plan will include:
    • Your medication schedule
    • Lifestyle targets
    • Directions for how to respond to new symptoms
    • Regular quarterly assessments of your disease status
  • I will email this Action Plan to you so you can save on your phone
  • Based on your preferred pharmacy, I’ll electronically send your prescriptions
  • We’ll pick a day/time for your next appointment, about 3 months down the road.

“The regular doctor clinic was such a hassle.

With Wellivery,

– my appointments are on my phone

– no work interruptions,

– no traffic problems,

and no waiting-room drama.”

Wellivery is focused on how to get you quality medical care that is:



Our encounters are conducted completely on your phone wherever you are.



We send your prescriptions to the closest pharmacy closest to  you. 



Appointments most days of the week from early morning into the evening to fit your schedule!



Your price for a session is close to an insurance copay or a tank of gas. Tough to beat.


For All Ages

We cover the age spectrum – convenient, efficent, affordable care is needed at every age!



Our system is designed to provide follow-up encounters, at least fours times per year to keep you health optimized!

It’s Time to Get Control!

Everyday Health for


 Same Day Appointments are Available.


Telemedicine for You!