Affordable, Accessible, Online Health

Wellivery = Telemedicine

  • is a telemedicine clinic
  • that delivers disease-focused
  • is physician-directed
  • ON-PHONE encounters
  • Focused on:
    • Everyday Health for Everybody
    • Prevention & control of chronic disease.
  • Our goal: an active, rested, and confident version of you!

Wellivery and Chronic Disease

Chronic disease has grown to the point in the U.S. where now, 60% of Americans have a least one chronic disease

Studies show that if you have one chronic disease, theres a 40% chance you have another or will get another one.

Unfortunately, the health system in the U.S. has progressively moved toward hospital-based intervention and AWAY from chronic disease prevention.

As a patient with a chronic disease you feel abandoned by the system, which only seems ready to help when you have an emergency.

Wellivery is here for you.


Our Focus

Your chronic disease. 

And on other diseases you might not know you have. 

We call this:


If possible, preventing a disease from getting a foothold in your body is our first priority (Primary Prevention).

Often, that isn’t possible because the disease is already present.  If that’s your situation, we shift the goal to detecting chronic disease as early as possible and stopping it from advancing (Secondary Prevention).

In many people, a disease already has a firm footing and in those patients, we focus on reducing symptoms of the disease and optimizing activity, vigor, and self-sufficiency (Tertiary Prevention).

Our Philosophy


If you can’t afford my care, you won’t be able to get better. So, I have to design a system of care that you can afford.  Traditional doctor offices are costly to staff and operate.  These costs are passed on to patients and drive up the price of care.  Telemedicine allows me to avoid those traditional costs, keeping them out of your price.


We are a fully a-geographic society.  Virtually everything you consume comes from outside of your neighborhood.  If my office is not in your neighborhood, your access to me can be difficult.  Even if you can successfully travel to a traditional office, lets say within 15 miles, there are other barriers you might encounter.  Such as, insurance pre-approval, wrong insurance type, long waits for appointments, difficult parking, time away from work, the list goes on.  By making myself available to you on the phone, I can deliver an incredible amount of access – both easy and available!


The last point, engageable, is REALLY important.  Successful disease control depends on committment by you, the patient.  You must be engaged for this work.  And I know your phone has your attention!

Quality Disease Management is Needed

My three decades of medical practice, including office medicine and ER medicine have convinced me that a better way of managing disease is needed.  It has to be: effective, consistent, engaging, efficient, convenient, and affordable.  In Wellivery, I have created a system for delivering everyday health and quality disease prevention with a consistent clinical process that is all on-line, medically supervised, and reliable for followup care.

Everyday Health for


 Same Day Appointments are Available.


Telemedicine for You!