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Dec 30, 2020 | getting healthy

Quality chronic disease care depends on self-management by patients.

A large part of my role as your physician is teaching you these self-management skills.

Crucial to these skills are techniques you will use to assess:

Your Symptoms

Your Chronic Disease Status

We will discuss your self-assessments by phone rather than in-person.

These phone visits and your frequent use of the Wellivery website are designed to keep your chronic disease controlled while avoiding illness exposure and the inconvenience of travel and waiting rooms

I designed Wellivery around the National standards for chronic disease management.

Those standards tell doctors to teach their patients how to assess their everyday symptoms and disease status.

Each disease has a unique set of self-assessment tools.

As part of your Wellivery visits, I’ll teach you how to use these tools.

I will instruct you how to use these tools in conjunction with your Lifestyle Action Plan.

In addition, I use score from these tools in planning updates to your medications, their dosages, and your Lifestyle Action Plan.

The great thing about having these proven methods of assessing your disease is that we can conduct our entire doctor appointment over the phone.


Over the phone!

That means you can get your appointment on a lunch break, walking down the street, or wherever you are.

One place you won’t be is sitting?

A doctor office waiting room – waiting to catch a virus!

Phone appointments: a key convenience of Wellivery!

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Until next topic, I wish the best of health to you!



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