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Prevention? Get A Lifestyle Action Plan!

Jul 22, 2023 | Action Plan, getting healthy

 Can you Prevent Chronic Disease?

When you get a chronic disease, your genetics – in particular a susceptability in your genetics, interacts with a ‘trigger’ in your environment.  For most chronic diseases the most powerful triggers are:

  • nutritional intake,
  • your weight,
  • your activity level,
  • smoke exposure, and
  • eventually, your age.

With the exception of age, these factors are called lifestyle factors.  That means they are under your control.

Because they are so powerful in triggering chronic disease AND because they can be controlled by YOU, they have to be our primary focus in preventing chronic disease.

Once a chronic disease is present, we are pretty much stuck just trying to control the symptoms using medication.  This approach requires continuous tuning of how much medication is needed. Unfortunately, every medication carries undesireable side affects.  These side effects kick in at different doses for different people.  That means every patient needs regular (every 3 month) monitoring to assure that an effective dose is found that has tolerable side effects.

As you can see, medication is not a magic bullet for high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer.

Prevention?  That’s the magic bullet.

My goal for you is to prevent chronic disease by getting out in front of these lifestyle factors and coaching you to change them.  If you can change and control them, you have a very good chance of preventing a new chronic disease.

How do we do this?

First, we determine your risk for each disease, based on the diseases your relatives have shown.  This is an indirect way to detecting your genetic set-up for each disease.  Sophisticated genetic testing is being developed aimed at determining your unique genetic risk for disease.

So for now, we will develop this genetic risk ‘profile’ for you.

We then survey the lifestyle risk factors you have that are pushing your body toward getting each disease.

Based on that ‘map’, I develop a lifestyle action plan for you that emphasizes the most dangerous factors in your life.

This plan gives you goals to reducing each of these factors in a way that is:

  • gradual,
  • attainable, and
  • is reflected in a score that you can see!

This score helps you and I see your progress toward minimizing your risk.

Lifestyle Action Plan.  I’ll push this plan to your phone where you can review it and make the changes the keep you healthy for a good, long time!

Get started today!





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