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Affordability: Means Accessible Care!

Jun 5, 2023 | getting healthy

Affordability is Important for routine medical care and disease prevention!

* The cost of doctor visits can be a barrier, especially if you don’t have health insurance.

* Many costs of chronic disease care can exceed what those without insurance can afford.  These include:

* The cost of medication.

* The cost of doctor visits

* The cost diagnostic laboratory testing.


The cost of medical care is a big deal.

People have lost their homes due to medical bills.

And now with the end of pandemic insurance coverage, it will be harder to pay for a doctor visit.

People in the US routinely postpone medical care because of the cost.

My commitment in the design of Wellivery is to keep the price you pay for visits with me, fair and reasonable.

Many of my patients do not have health insurance.

Because of that, they have to find the best value for their medical care.

That means getting the most for the least.

Even patients with high-deductible health insurance have to pay out-of-pocket until their deductible is met. So they too are interested in the best value.

I have designed Wellivery to deliver quality care to you at a price you can afford, out-of-pocket!

Make an appointment today and let’s get started on better health!



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