Gout Pain Can Be Controlled!

Mar 10, 2021 | getting healthy

*Gout is a type of arthritis affecting a small number of joints.
*Joint pain, swelling and redness, usually starting at night, are the main symptoms.
*The joints involved are usually in the fingers, toes, wrists, and knees.
*The pain is caused by uric acid crystals forming in the joint.
*This occurs because your body is not removing uric acid from the bloodstream at a normal rate.
*Special Medication can be used to decrease your uric acid blood level.
*These medicines prevent the pain attacks of gout!

Wellivery follows National standards for gout management.

To get started, we’ll send you for two blood tests.

When those results are available, we will select the best medicine for lowering your uric acid blood level.

Modification of your body weight (toward your ideal BMI) and reduction of alcohol intake can also lower your chances of gout attacks.

When we have your dose of medicine ‘dialed in’, keeping your uric acid below 6, we will do follow-up visits every 6 months, by phone!

Phone appointments: a key convenience of Wellivery!

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