Weight Change for Health

Does Extra Weight Hurt You?

Yes and this is how:


increase your chances for


Heart Disease

(including: high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and high cholesterol)





(including cancer of the: uterus lining, esophagus, stomach, liver, kidneys, and several others)

And there are other costs:

When you are admitted to the hospital, the costs are 46% higher.

Outpatient doctor costs are 27% higher.

Prescription drug costs to you are 80% higher.

Ok, That’s Pretty Concerning Stuff

If you are already struggling with blood pressure, cholesterol or blood glucose, you likely wonder if weight loss will help.

I Have Good News!

Research studies have shown that relatively small amounts of weight loss cause big changes in these problems! 

Let’s Look at Lipids:

6 pounds of weight loss can lower your triglyceride by 15 mg/dl

11-17 pounds of weight loss can lower LDL by 5 mg/dl

These are healthy changes!

How About Blood Pressure?

A 5% weight loss can lower your systolic blood pressure (upper number) by 3 mmHg

What About Diabetes?

6-12 kg of weight loss can lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 30 to 60%

Ok, So How?

Recommendations for weight loss are everywhere!


Energy Deficit is Required

This means eating 30% FEWER calories than you burn each day.

  • For Women, the target is 1,200-1,500 kcal/day
  • For Men, the target is 1,500-1,800 kcal/day

This also means bumping the number of calories you burn.

  • Walking is the best way to start.
  • 10,000 steps a day is a GREAT target!
  • Your phone and many devices are available to help you reach that goal.



Medication can be very helpful to get you started on a good trajectory.

And there are many medication options!


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