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The Problem

Many patients have insurance that won’t pay for Wegovy (Semaglutide in the pen injector) or Saxenda (Liraglutide in the pen injector).

Some patients don’t have any insurance coverage for prescriptions.


For both groups, I offer generic semaglutide.  This is likely a short-term solution as the FDA only allows this approach until production of the patented form (Wegovy) catches up to demand.

Generic semaglutide is delivered to you in a vial along with syringes and needles.  There is an instructional video to help you with drawing up and injecting your medicine.

How It Works

You will be doing one injection per week and the dose will increase every 2 weeks until you hit the recommended weekly milligrams associated with weight loss in research studies.  This gradual increase in dosage is designed to avoid side affects like nausea and abdominal cramps.

The Subscription

In my subscription program, after you place your monthly order, you will receive a vial of semaglutide and supplies for one-month of treatment.  In the last week of each month, you will book a new appointment, complete and submit an interval assessment form, we will talk by phone or video, and I’ll order your next month supply.

Ready to Start?

To get started, go to the subscription link and purchase the first month subscription which includes supplies and medication as well as my follow-up for the first 1 month.  After that, you will make a monthly appointment for refills and will order an appointment each time at this price.  Each month before I issue your refill, you will complete an interval assessment form which is both a reminder to you of activity and dietary targets, and a way for me to get this information into your medical chart.

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