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Chronic Disease and COVID19: Precautions First!

Dec 30, 2020 | COVID19

Which chronic diseases do badly with COVID19?

Preliminary research shows that patients with cancer, heart disease (including high blood pressure), obesity, and chronic lung disease have more severe cases of COVID19.

Why does chronic disease make you more vulnerable?

We don’t have the final answer to this question.  The immune system of patients with chronic disease is under more strain, which could lessen their ability to withstand the virus attack.  As more research emerges, I will share new medical strategies for building a better defense.

For now, your best defense is a strong offense.

Keeping your current chronic disease in optimal control is our first strategy.  This will give your body systems their best starting point for responding to a virus infection, should it occur.

The amount of virus matters.

The more virus particles that get into your mouth, nose or eyes, the more likely you will develop a severe infection with a dangerous inflammatory reaction.  While it is virtually impossible for every person on the planet to completely avoid COVID19, getting the smallest amount of exposure at a time should be your goal.  So, keep a distance from people who might be carrying the virus (which can be people that aren’t having fever or cough at all!).

Wash those hands!  They are a common route for getting virus from others into your body.  Here’s how to wash!

Mask UP!

Wear a face covering.  I know, this is so hard to get your mind around – like, for how long are we gonna have to do this?  Nobody can say just yet.  We just have to focus on each day, doing everything we can to stay healthy.  Down the road, maybe we can hang up these designer masks, and go to crowded concerts, and, well, get back to ‘normal’.

For Now, Control is the Goal!

Control of your chronic disease, that is.  Let’s get your body optimized to fight this virus!

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Until next topic, I wish the best of health to you!



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