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Dec 30, 2020 | Cancer, getting healthy

Cancer is a scary word.

Really scary.  Most non-medical people regard it as a lethal condition. 

But, really, what does cancer mean?

Cancer is a condition of out-of-control cell growth.  It usually begins a one site or organ.  If not detected and treated, it continues to grow and can spread through the blood to other organs. 

We know conclusively what causes certain cancers, like lung cancer, which is triggered by cigarette smoke.  And cervical cancer, which follows infection with the human papilloma virus.

For other cancers, we don’t yet know the precise cause, but have identified risk factors that steadily push people into that cancer.

Wellivery focuses on two aspects of cancer.

  • screening to allow earliest diagnosis and treatment
  • risk reduction – to prevent cancer from emerging.


In the U.S., hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have worked hard and at great expense to treat cancer. Countless lives have been saved by this approach.

Unfortunately, many patients die when the cancer is diagnosed too late or when the treatment fails.

Clearly, prevention of cancer would have a vast impact.

The U.S. healthcare system has not been particularly effective at preventing cancer.  Medical research has shown how doctors should work with patients to prevent cancer and how to make screening happen.  However, this research is not universally used, and for many reasons, patients don’t have access to either screening or prevention planning.

Cancer prevention and screening for earlist diagnosis is a primary focus of Wellivery.  Our formula?

  • Use established clinical guidelines
  • Get patients screed according to these guidelines
  • Develop a prevention plan for each patient
  • Control risk factors that are already present
  • Use the smartphone and phone visits as the primary platform for patient communication and education – not the doctor office.

Cancer is like most chronic diseases that occur when a genetic susceptabilty that you inherited interacts with your environment (like: nutrition, stress, excess weight, physical inactivity, smoking, alcohol).  We can’t change your genetic profile.

You CAN change the enviromental factors that will push you into cancer.  Wellivery is designed to be your expert physician counselor, guiding you to victory over your risk of cancer.

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