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Electronic Prescription Medicine: No Paper To Lose!

Dec 30, 2020 | controllers, getting healthy

* Electronic prescriptions mean:

..More accuracy in the order, 

..More convenience for you,

..No paper to lose, and

..It’s FAST!

* Wellivery sends all orders for prescription medication to the pharmacy of your choice! Electronically!

Most chronic diseases cannot be controlled without medication.

Medicines to control your disease, medicines to decrease your symptoms, and medicines to settle the side effects of other medicines.

One of my goals is to keep the number of medicines you need to a minimum.

But, when you need medicine, you need it and sometimes in a hurry.

The last thing you need is the hassle of getting a paper prescription and delivering it to the pharmacist, where you wait some more.

How about this?

I send your prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy.

No paper prescription to lose,

You can go to the pharmacy with a single goal: pick up your prescribed medication, and GO!

Even better: now that Amazon is in the pharmacy game, there’s a pretty good chance you can get more affordable inhalers delivered right to your door!

Wellivery is designed to minimize your contact with sick people and make more time for LIFE!

Electronic prescriptions: another key convenience of Wellivery!

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Until next topic, I wish the best of health to you!



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