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What is Chronic Disease?

Jul 25, 2023 | getting healthy

*  Chronic disease means any illness that lasts

.. Longer than 1 year

.. Requires Medical Care, and

.. Limits your Activities of Daily Living

*The Big Ones are:

  • Heart Disease (coronary artery disease and high blood pressure)
  • Type 2 Diabetes, which usually begins during adulthood
  • Cancer.

* There are a number of other diseases that meet this definition too:

.. Gout and other types of arthritis

.. Acne and other skin disorders

.. Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

.. Attention Deficit Disorder

.. Asthma and COPD

.. and many more

*Prevention of these diseases is a Major Focus of Wellivery!

.. Prevention of many diseases IS possible by understanding and adjusting risks

.. If not prevented, the earlier a disease is diagnosed the better!

.. This means following a well-defined screening schedule as you mature!

*Control of these diseases is our top priority once they have been diagnosed.

What is Control?

  • It means controlling the progression of your current disease
  • It means controlling the symptoms of your disease
  • It means controlling your risk of getting other chronic disease
  • It means controlling side effects of  your medicines

How do you ‘get’ control?

  1. You need a physician-partner to advise, monitor, screen, prescribe, and follow.
  2. Your physician partner needs to be accessible and affordable.
  3. You need the most modern technology and medications.
  4. You need continuous education to learn how to manage your disease.
  5. You need continuous feedback on how you are doing.

I designed Wellivery to ‘deliver’ these things that I consider essential in the prevention and control of chronic disease. 

I am ready to assist you in taking control and reaching a new high point in your personal health!

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Until next topic, I wish the best of health to you!




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