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Dec 30, 2020 | getting healthy

What is Wellivery and why do you need it?

* is Dr. Tim Ryschon’s online medicine clinic 

* Wellivery is designed to be affordable, convenient, and reliable.

* Wellivery follows national quality standards

* Wellivery uses your phone to make your care convenient and engaging


What is Wellivery?

Wellivery is the name of my  telemedicine clinic.

My clinic,, is 100% online.  

Using this online method,  I can deliver phone and video-based encounters that focus on your current problem AND on chronic disease prevention.

These visits are designed to achieve stabilization of your chronic disease so you can avoid exacerbations and complications that disrupt an active life.

My strategy depends on making you the expert of your health. 

This will allow you to react quickly to changes in your symptoms..  

It will also equip you to tell me how your treatment plan is working, since you will really understand it.

What Makes Wellivery Different from a Traditional Clinic?

  • A 100% focus on you, your current problem, and considering prevention of future chronic diseases.
  • I don’t try to deliver emergency care (there are plenty of Emergency Rooms doing that).
  • My clinic is based on National Standards and the most modern methods of disease management.
  • It uses 100% online phone and video visits.
  • Doctor visits are affordably priced and you can pay online – no insurance needed.
  • It uses 100% electronic medication prescriptions – sent direct to your pharmacy.
  • It uses proven online symptom assessment.
  • It delivers follow-up visits to assure effective control.
  • It gives you a usable and continuously updated Lifestyle Action Plan.

Why focus on chronic disease?

There are many health problems facing all of us.  I have spent 30 years learning about and treating them.  

Quite a few of these disorders that roll into the ER stand out as being preventable.

Asthma is one.  Heart attacks, certain cancers, and diabetes are others.  Prevention and control of these diseases has been the topic of extensive research which has led to the development of clearly defined treatment directions .

Despite these clear directions, chronic disease care remains poor in the U.S.

Wellivery is My Solution for this Problem.

  • Wellivery focuses only on chronic disease prevention.  

That allows me to really drill into the most current techniques for prevention, control, patient education, and how to deliver care.

  • Wellivery is built around the well-defined National Standards for chronic disease prevention.

That means everything I recommend is state-of-the-art and based on evidence, science, and clinical practice.

  • Wellivery leverages smartphone and telemedicine methods

It is no longer acceptable to require you to come to a clinic when I can do everything that you and I need to accomplish by voice and video.  Delivering doctor visits by phone and video is way less expensive for me which allows me to reduce the cost of the doctor visit for you.

It’s also more convenient for you AND you are exposed to less infectious diseases by avoiding travel and waiting rooms.

  • No Insurance Needed

Your ability to get great chronic disease care should not be gummed up by an insurance issue.  That’s why I keep the insurance companies out of our visits and keep the cost of the visit fair and reasonable for an out-of-pocket expense.

  • Electronic Prescriptions

It is kind of ridiculous in this electronic era that you’d have to take a paper prescription to the pharmacy for your medication.  In my system, these medication orders are transmitted electronically.  That keeps your care convenient and efficient and no paper to lose!

  • Online Symptom Assessment

Years of research have produced convenient ways to track your disease symptoms.  These symptom surveys can be used to give an early sign that your disease is out of control and vice versa, can be reassuring proof that your lifestyle action plan is working.

  • Follow-up Care is an Essential Part of Wellivery

Chronic disease prevention and control has a lot of moving parts.  Inconsistent follow-up care:

  • Interrupts medication refills,
  • Blocks clinical reassessment, 
  • Prevents adjustments in medication dosage, and
  • Derails optimization of treatment plans.

Even if patients are motivated to go into their doctor’s clinic for follow-up, with the COVID19 pandemic, they are discouraged to go for fear of catching the virus.  

Wellivery makes that follow-up visit as easy as a phone call but loaded with important information about your asthma.

  • Lifestyle Action Plan

I need to get you really involved in chronic disease preventionl.  The best way is to develop a plan that you understand and can follow.  This Lifestyle Action Plan is modified as your disease risk changes which happens due to illness, seasons, or age.  We revisit this plan at every follow-up visit and then I send it to your phone where you can study it and refer to it when your symptoms change.

Wellivery provides:

  • Consistent,
  • Quality strategies for prevention and control of your present and future disease.
  • Based on National clinical guidelines

Let me be your partner in getting in control.

Here’s where my three decades of experience come in handy.  I have selected the most important concepts that I know you need to understand for optimal self-management and prevention.

I post them at in the section titled Wellivery Says.

And since neither you or I stop learning, I add new sections frequently, bringing you the most expert guidance available.

Now, if you want to get an email when I have updated these health topics, just fill in the ‘subscribe’ box to the right.

Until next topic, I wish the best of health to you!




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